Cfi Institutional Agreement

Does the ICT continue to award contracts for „hardcopy“ contracts to institutions? No no. We have converted to a digital signature procedure (with DocuSign) for premium agreements. Once all parties have signed, we will send you the final agreement on the premium by email. We also download it to the CFI Price Management System (CAMS), where you can access it at any time. Who receives the payment contract from my institution? We will send you an email to one of your authorized signatories and to your account administrator for signature. By default, the authorized signatory who receives signing bonus agreements is the one in the „Institutional Agreement and Access Rights“ tab of your CFI Price Management System (CAMS) in the „Accord s“ tab. The IUE uses a digital signature system (with DocuSign) for bonus agreements. How can I change my institution`s standard signature? If your institution has identified more than one authorized signatory in the institutional agreement, you must indicate to whom it must send the agreement on the signing bonus. You can change the default approved signatory for premium agreements via the „Institutional Agreement and Access Rights“ link in the CFI Price Management System (CAMS) institutional scoreboard. Before submitting a proposal to the Tribunal, your institution must sign an institutional agreement.

This agreement sets out the conditions under which your institution can use CFI funds. Your institution must submit a revised institutional agreement to the Tribunal in the event of a change in one of the designated persons. What if I want to change the standard bookmark to a bonus deal that I have to sign? You can request a change by replying to the email address of the signature agreement [at] You should not pass on a bonus agreement to another person for signature. Your institution`s CFI connection receives the e-mail of the allocation agreement only for informational purposes and is not required to sign it. The above form should not be used when technicians and professionals are reported as part of the Infrastructure Operating Fund. To do this, you can use the IOF certification level of technicians and professionals. Your institution must complete and submit PPR by June 30 of each year. Reports are required for all projects as soon as the infrastructure is operational or after a four- or five-year period is allocated, depending on the amount of the IUE contribution. The award form must be submitted electronically by the institution during the closing phase of the auction in the CFI price management system.

This is necessary before we release the funds to the recipient institutions. Eligible institutions can request the release of their IOF funds by submitting an annual IOF report by June 15. Your institution must also include in this report the actual expenditures for the previous year. This report must be submitted electronically to the CFI price management system. Canadian universities, colleges, research hospitals and non-profit research organizations recognized as eligible for the EURI may apply. Institutions are encouraged to enhance the competitiveness of their implementation by working with appropriate partners and to plan cooperative activities and monitoring processes for infrastructure acquisition, development, operation, operation and maintenance. Institutions are encouraged to work with end-users of research or technology development to clearly define the potential benefits to Albertans. Below is a collection of forms and templates you may need to manage your CFI-funded projects. Your institution must submit a final financial report within six months of the actual completion date of a project.

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