Trade Agreement Ttip

An agreement would strengthen the geopolitical image of the transatlantic bloc against the emerging economic power of China, India and other Pacific nations, as well as the growing success of Latin America. If the US and the EU could resolve their differences, they could be a united front against market threats from the rest of the world. The content of the draft agreements as well as the reports of rounds of negotiations are classified by public opinion, an agreement that The Independent has criticised as „mysterious and undemocratic“. [16] As already stated, elected representatives can only consult texts in a secure „reading room“ in Brussels, in order to avoid further information on the TTIP negotiations being made public. The agreement negotiated in great secrecy met with considerable opposition and the European Parliament was motivated to reject it in July 2012. The goal is to conclude the TTIP negotiations as long as the Obama administration is still in power, if possible. The European Commission is leading the negotiations for the European side and the US Trade Representative for the US side. The Member States of the European Union have given a mandate to the European Commission to conduct negotiations with the United States containing specific instructions for the Commission. It was published on October 9, 2014. Member States are closely involved in the preparation and monitoring of the negotiations and, together with the European Commission, dictate the EU`s negotiating positions.

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