Hpsd Collective Agreement

The Ministry of Family and Social Solidarity said it was pleased with the agreement reached between the government, the FSWS and the U-Union on the collective agreement and called it historic. For the first time after the interviews, a clear and unique career is established for professionals within the Foundation, while its skills and experience are recognised by responsible and adequate financial incentives. The ministry explained that the collective agreement has improved workers` working conditions, while their wages and allowances would reflect their work at any rank within the FSWS. Nine days after the Commission of Inquiry had transmitted its report to the Foundation, Mr. Rola received a letter signed by Mr. Grixti stating that a disciplinary board had been appointed and that he had been summoned to appear before him. In accordance with the framework agreement between FSWS and UHM, the group`s staff steering committee, Anthony Apap, and two other members of the Foundation were led. The same letter that this newspaper saw also indicated that Mr. Rola could be supported by a union representative or another person of his choice. During the hearings on 6 September, Mr Rola was assisted by lawyer Robert Abela. After consideration of the case by the Board of Appeal, it concluded that „as was the case, the provisions of the collective agreement apply to all employees of the university, whether they are members of a trade union, and are binding on both the administration and the employees of the university.

At Odessa Polytechnic, a collective agreement is concluded between the university administration, on the one hand, and the union committee of university employees, on the other. We look forward to the implementation of the agreement and are optimistic that the Governing Body will meet the deadlines set out in the agreement. A collective agreement is a normative and legal contract concluded at the level of production between the employer and the worker in order to regulate industrial, industrial and socio-economic relations and to harmonize the interests of the subjects of the social partnership. The CS bargaining team wants to announce that our new CS collective agreement has been signed. The agreement entered into force on 26 February 2021 and applies from December 2018 to December 2021. Ola`s first mistake is that disciplinary measures should be limited to issuing a letter of formal notice and not to his dismissal as team leader, as the disciplinary council recommended that he do so against what was provided for in the collective agreement. The appeal body also proposed that the Foundation present a manual on data protection procedures, which should be explained and made available to any staff member. It was also recommended to sign a memorandum of understanding with third parties that would share data with the Foundation. During the hearing, Dr. Abela stated that the decision to remove Mr. Rola from his position as Team Leader of the Promotion Agency was contrary to the collective agreement, given that disciplinary action has never been taken in the past against Mr. Rola.

„However, we are convinced that we can achieve a win-win solution for us as employers and for our employees. Let me clarify. The collective agreement defines the reciprocal obligations of the parties to regulate industrial, industrial and socio-economic relations. The collective agreement is concluded on the basis of the legislation in force, accepted by the parties to the obligations, in order to regulate industrial, industrial and socio-economic relations and to harmonize the interests of workers, owners and their approved bodies. The collective agreement is concluded in companies, institutions, organizations, regardless of ownership and economic activity, which employs temporary agency work and has the rights of a legal person. . . .

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