Uua Ministerial Agreement

The web addresses of our website may change regularly because information has been moved, deleted or reorganized. In this case, the old addresses are no longer correct. If you use an old address, you will receive a Page Not Found screen (404). It offers you several ways to find out about the missing site, for example.B. contact the UUA public information office or web staff. It will also guide you to two information locator options: the site search engine and the site map. UUA names, trademarks, trademarks and logos that appear on this site cannot be used in advertising or advertising without our prior written permission. Requests for e-mails to webeditorial@uua.org. Participation in UUA.org`s electronic mailing lists is a privilege, not a right. The content of the mailing lists is not approved by the UUA and does not necessarily reflect the opinions, policies or practices of the UUA. Posted documents that do not relate to the purposes of a given mailing list may be deleted at the sole discretion of list administrators. The UUA reserves the right to suspend participants from mailing lists that violate established standards and rules. UUA.org can provide links to other websites or resources and provide them to third parties.

Since the UUA has no control over these sites and resources, you acknowledge and believe that UUA is not responsible for the availability of these external sites or resources. You also acknowledge and accept that the UUA does not approve content, advertisements, products or other content on these websites or resources, and that it is not responsible or responsible for them. They also recognize and accept that the UUA is not responsible or responsible, directly or indirectly, for damages or losses caused or allegedly caused or allegedly caused by the use or trust in the content, goods or services available on or via a non-UUA website or resource. They agree to publish, UUA.org to disclose, disclose, lease, lend, distribute or create derivative works based on UUA.org or UUA documentation, without the express written permission of the UUA; (3) Copyright, trademark, confidentiality or other terms of ownership, trademarks or captions appearing on UUA.org, (4) reverse engineering, decompilation, translation, adaptation or dismantling UUA.org to delete, delete, delete or delete the source code of the object code to UUA.org without the express written permission of the UUA or (5) to assign the source code to the service of the license.

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