Licence Agreement Apps

This agreement (or „EULA“) is a legal agreement between the person, company or organization („you“) that has authorized a software product („product“) and Bell App Lab („licensee“ or „application provider“). The product can only be obtained through Apple`s „App Store“ software distribution platform and google Play Store. The „App Store“ and the „Google Play Store“ are called „services“ in this license. By installing and/or using a product provided by the licensee, you confirm your agreement and agree to be bound by the terms of this Agreement. 14. Third-party beneficiaries. This CAU is run between you and Smartsheet and not between you and another party, including Apple for iOS and Google users for Android users. You agree that any claims you make from this LAE or your use of the mobile app are not invoked against Apple or Google. Notwithstanding the above, Apple or Google, after accepting this C.A.C., authorizes you to enforce this C.A.A. as a third party beneficiary.

Smartsheet is not responsible for a applicable third-party agreement between you and your third-party providers, including your wireless provider. 5.4 You grant the user a non-exclusive, global and permanent license to make, display and use the product on the device. If you wish, you can include in your product a separate end-user license agreement (EULA) that regulates the user`s rights to the product instead of the previous sentence. But EULA`s agreements are not only found in mobile applications, but also in desktop applications. The ECJ agreements are due to desktop software that was to be granted to users, and this is still the case today. Insert a „Parameters“ or „On“ menu into your app and associate or place the license agreement (and other legal agreements!) in these screens. By clicking on a „Parameters“ icon of app users, a menu is associated with Vimeo`s terms of use and Vimeo`s privacy agreement: See, how the PayPal`s iOS mobile app has a „Legal Agreements“ tab in its Settings screen, on which all legal agreements, including the PayPal of your own CAU, are placed and easily accessible: the agreements and terms of sale are very different, and there are cases where you only want to use one or the other. If your mobile app already has such an agreement, show it to users before installing your app to make sure users know their rights and limitations before accessing part of the app or the entire app itself. Note in the following figure how the „licensing agreement“ and other legal agreements are made available to users of the Apple App Store for the Vimeo iOS app: Since the EULA agreement grants a license for the use of the application, it should also include a clause allowing this right to use in certain circumstances.

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