Rental Deposit Agreement Template

If you`re moving in with someone else, a roommate agreement is another document that can protect you. Each lease agreement should contain a surety clause. While each landlord has the option to customize this clause, the state in which your rental property is located may have certain surety laws that you must comply with. Regardless of your state laws, there are certain bases on the bail terms that you should always include in your agreement. Below is an example. The receipt and deposit contract in this free pressure equipment is made available so that an applicant can book an apartment or house to a rental unit by depositing a deposit while receiving the rest of the money. If they do not pay or sign the lease on time, the money will disappear and the potential tenant will release their right to the unit. Below is an example of a surety clause in a rental agreement. These clauses can be long from a few sentences to a few paragraphs. 1.

This Agreement acknowledges that the lessor has received the sum of the $from applicants on that day: 2. This sum of money shall be used from that date as security for the above rental unit: _______ until that date _______ under: ______ A.M./P.M. 3. If the applicant`s application is rejected or if the apartment is not available within _____ days, the amount of the deposit is fully refunded to the applicant. 4. If the application is accepted, the amount of the deposit will be deducted from the applicant`s rental fee of $_____ per month or the deposit $ ______ 5. If the applicant does not sign the rental agreement or does not pay the additional amounts due from the first month of rent or deposit, the lessor may withhold the amount of the following deposit: $___ per day, for a maximum period of 30 days or until another tenant is found for the Dortntal Valley unit and does not exceed the sum of $____ 6. After the signing of the rental agreement, the balance of the operating deposit that has not been used for the rent and/or deposit must be refunded to the applicant within ____ days. Many homeowners add an installation to the deposit clause, known as a surety confirmation.

This confirmation is a receipt that the lessor has received the tenant`s deposit and the amount received. The free version is available in the doc or PDF formats of your choice. The DOC version can be opened, edited and printed with Word, Google Docs, etc. .

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